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500 Rockets? + 100 Timed Explosives? WHAT!!!!!

You read the title correctly.  We have made it possible for you to become a total raiding machine…but it isn’t easy.  If you kill the Heli it will drop 4 chests and once the fire goes out you will be rich with rockets of various types and timed explosives.  Ever wanted to be a raiding super villain?  Now is your chance!  Or you could wait for someone else to take it out and try to ninja the loot 🙂

Happy Raiding and good luck!

Oh No!!! The Heli is coming!!! – Don’t worry it isn’t that bad

Ever been full of loot and out in the open when all of a sudden you hear it…  the heli is coming and you have no place to hide!  This has happened to all of us at one point or another but don’t worry!  I have a few tricks that will save your loot and keep you alive.  The Heli is hard coded not to shoot those who are unarmed and have no clothes.  So take off your clothes and move your guns our of your hot bar.  If you make those changes it will consider you unarmed and will not shoot.

Happy Raiding!

Just a few tips for rust..

So you should already know this but… just in case you don’t, You should have more than one base.  Always!  Have at least 1 base that is hidden and hard to find.  Then if your main base gets raided you are not wiped out. I always keep 3-5 bases for this very reason.  Also bury stuff.  Your stuff does not degrade so there is no reason not to bury the most valuable items you have.  As an added bonus the market currently allows you to store one chest of stuff in the safe zone of the market. Use it BUT do not abuse it.  Keep a few items to help you rebuild somewhere new if you get

The Ban Hammer Strikes Again

Poor little cheater.  I know you thought no one would know.  Goodbye, go cheat somewhere else.

To all my players.  We work really hard to make sure the game is fun.  If you cheat the BAN HAMMER of DOOM will find you.